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WHere to use Heatizon's Tuff Cable

Floor/Space Heating

Using Tuff-Cable in conjunction with a heatsink in radiant floor/space heating creates a warm, efficiently heated environment ideal for many different types of floor covering.

Snow/Ice Melting

Tuff Cable shoots for longevity when it comes to snow melting applications that include driveways, walks, and other surfaces. Designed to ASHRAE standards, saving you energy, it can melt snow on concrete, asphalt, under pavers, and can be retrofit into existing surfaces.

Roof Deicing/Snow Control

Tuff-Cable can be used in a variety of roofing applications to control snow loads and prevent damage from ice dams and ice accumulation. Installed using our heatsink or Invizimelt solutions underneath metal, non-metal, membrane, drip edges and flashing Tuff-Cable is invisible.

Heatizon's Tuff Cable Electric Radiant Heating Cable

Tuff Cable is the answer

No matter what the intended use, Tuff Cable is the best, longest-lasting solution for a variety of applications.

  • 25-year warranty
  • chemical/gasoline resistant jacket
  • designed to ASHRAE standards
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Snow melting on your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, stairs or other surface just got easier.

Tuff cable is easily embedded/installed pre-pour in concrete and asphalt creating a surface that quickly and easily melts snow and ice, creating a safe surface to walk/drive on.

Used in conjunction with a heatsink, Tuff Cable can remove snow and ice from surfaces where tile/pavers are used.

Where snow/ice melting is of utmost importance, but the surface is already installed Tuff Cable can be retrofitted to create a snow/ice solution, without the cost of redoing the exterior surface from scratch.

Tuff Cable used in outdoor surface (driveway) snow melting
Tuff Cable used in Invizimelt for roof deicing/icedam prevention.

Stop ice dams and the resulting roof damage before it happens with Tuff Cable.

Heatizon's heatsink or Invizimelt solution with Tuff Cable installed underneath a new metal, non-metal or membrane roof will create a ice removal solution that is invisible and effective.

Heat your floor/space more efficiently than ever before.

Tuff cable is great solution for interior space and floor heating. When properly installed, it will create a solution that will outlast most floor coverings. Plus it will warm the floor/space comfortably for years to come.

Tuff Cable as a floor/space heating

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Heatizon's Tuff Cable kits come ready to install and customized to each project.


We provide enough to easily finish the project, plus you can always add more!


This kit provides the backbone and mounting for a Tuff Cable system.

Control Unit

Several options of control units are available for Tuff Cable solutions.


The heart of the system, housed in the control unit.

Activation Device

Heatizon offers several different activation devices that will run the Tuff Cable system easily for the operators and effectively for the system.


Each Tuff Cable kit includes connectors for bonding Tuff Cable to the cold lead to complete the circuit.


Each application of Tuff Cable is specified what hardware will be required to effectively mount and manage the cable installation.


Heatizon and their distributors are always willing and able to offer project support.


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